Sports Vision Training


What is sports vision training?  

Sports vision training is designed to enhance and develop visual abilities including eye-hand coordination, reaction time, visual acuity, depth perception, sharpness of focus and peripheral vision to improve performance in sports. Testing and assessments for sports vision go beyond the comprehensive eye exam, in which we examine eye health and vision.  

Who benefits from sports vision training?  

Competitive athletes depend on quick visual processing skills to react and effectively compete. Sports vision training is beneficial to all kinds of athletes at various levels, including grade school, high school, college, and professional athletes.   

Sports vision training can be beneficial for sports like baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, and football. The success of both amateur and professional athletes depends on a visual system working at high levels of efficiency. Most professional sports teams today have vision specialists who evaluate and work with their players to maximize their potential.  

Athletes who are involved in sports that require rapid processing of information and fast reaction times can benefit from sports vision training. Sports such as baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, football, and hockey all require an athlete’s eyes to clearly see a moving object.   

Schedule an appointment for customized sports vision training  

We provide customized plans for sports vision training based on the type of sport, position played, and visual needs. If you are ready to maximize your potential as a competitive athlete by improving the visual skills needed for your sport, book an appointment for an individualized treatment plan for sports vision training.  

We look forward to working with you! Schedule an appointment for sports vision training at a Pathway Eye location near you at one of our Alabama or Tennessee offices.